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Alive! review • read the full review →
“The Savory Ham Crostini, $5, is definitely worthy of that ‘specialty’ designation. Shaved-thin slices of seared Amish ham are layered on a base of spicy raspberry-jalapeno…”

This Week mention • read the full article →
“One of the specialties is the stacked ravioli lasagna — mushroom ravioli, layered with fresh marinara sauce, herbs and mozzarella, then baked…”

Columbus Dispatch preview • read the full article →
“The coffee is amazing, and the pastries and bagels, all provided by local bakeries, are unique and delicious, like our Bacon, Swiss and Chive Scone…”

Columbus Underground preview • read the full article →
“I think we’ll see lots of folks from the neighborhood as well as lots of business folks.”